2020 Trends from the Vicenza fair & catwalks

06/02/2020 16:35 - Trends

The Vicenza fair  in January was themed "Surrealism", with Dali artwork decorating the halls and entrances.
Although the decor spoke to the imagination, dissapointingly, there were no melting clocks for sale at any of the watch stands.
However, as always the halls were well filled with beautifully decorated stands, models sparkling with diamond jewelry and big names catching your eye.

Productwise, we saw a great deal of blue in general, especially blue lapiz being used in its various forms.
This might have something to do with Pantone making Classic Blue its color of the year for 2020.


Furthermore we saw various types of moonstone being combined throughout the brands and non-branded collections.
Orange, white and grey being the holy trifecta in this segment, a combination we are launching in our upcoming collection as well...Keep an eye out for this!

Colombian green emerald lost its place as the must have for the coming year, making room for a lost classic...the mother of pearl.
Goes to show you can never disregards pearls, as they are always present in some form.
Easy for me to say, we specialize in pearls, right? 
Well, don't take my word for it, have a look at the latest catwalks or modern influencers like Camila Cabello here:


Don't forget, the trend is your friend!







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