How to take care of my pearls?

23/06/2018 16:54 - Tips

"What’s the best way to keep my pearls white and shiny?"

People often ask us, what’s the best way to keep my pearls white and shiny? Well, our advice is still the same as it was 20 years ago. The best way is simply to wear your pearls regularly as the natural humidity and oil of the human skin will feed and preserve the pearls.

So what’s causing the discoloration and loss of luster?  There are 3 main “attackers” of the pearl; Acids, grease and heat. The acids can come from detergents or cosmetic products, but are also present in the sweat of the body. The grease can come from oils such as sun screen or some lotions and the heat factor can be problematic when caused by hair dryers or general heating.

Given this, we can advise you some do’s and don’ts to maintain your pearls:

  • Do not keep your pearls stored in drawers or safes too long, it will dry them out. Wear your pearls regularly or keep them in a light separate bag or cloth, so they can breath and be kept humid.
  • Do not wear your pearls when you’re ill or taking medication regularly. The increase in sweat and acidity through your skin will affect your pearls.
  • Put on your pearls AFTER getting ready, it should be your last step. Everything from taking a bath, blow drying your hair or putting on makeup while wearing the pearls can have a damaging effect.
  • Clean your pearls with water. If you want to do it thoroughly, you can use some alcohol on a cloth.
  • Every two or three years, you can actually treat them with a bit of olive or almond oil to help preserve their luster and appearance.
  • Feel free to ask your jeweler to clean your pearls. They might have an Ultrasonic bath for good quality cultured pearls and also important, they can tell you if the necklace needs a new string.

Treat your pearls well and they will do the same for you!

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