About us

Tresoro is a wholesaler in jewelry, specialized in pearls.

We are a family business with 25 years of experience and distribution through more than 150 points of sale in Belgium and The Netherlands.

We differentiate ourselves in the market by creating our own innovative products in our workshop. The materials we use for this are always of excellent quality and personally selected by the owners.

Besides helping our customers with their daily business, we love advising them about the product and the market, so they can help their own customers choose and maintain a fitting jewel, in the best way possible.

How we differentiate ourselves

Innovative designs

We want to continuously inspire our customers, by quickly playing into the latest fashion trends and offering our own innovative creations. Through our creativity and making our pearls and jewelry easily accessible  by design, online and offline, we make sure there’s a pearl for every woman.

Qualitative materials

Our passion for pearls and jewelry translates itself ongoingly in a true quest to find product that provides the best value for our customer. We offer an elaborate assortment to our customers so that everyone who’s looking for pearls, gems and jewelry can always be helped accordingly.

Elaborate customer service

We are flexible towards our customers and love nothing more than sharing our expertise. It is of the utmost importance that both our customers and theirs, are well informed, so they are comfortable with their purchase. We do this by offering our customers and followers trustworthy information on our website, new informative blogs with fresh insights and professional advice from our team.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for some more information on pearls, jewelry and maintenance, so together we can get the most out of our product.


Our story

Linda already developed a passion for jewelry long before Tresoro was founded. By helping out in her stepparents jewelry store Roobroeck, she quickly learned about the true beauty of jewelry and pearls. The 40 years of experience present at the time was passed on to Linda and soon became active knowledge for her. It was the attraction of pearls in their great variety that really sparked her interest and hunger, resulting in the start of her own business, where she could creatively go to work with pearls on her own.

The company slogan, “(For) Every woman a pearl”, is a mission she carried with her since day one. By focusing on quality and creativity the business took of rather quickly, but it was by putting the customer central as the star player and not her brand, that got her to really anchor her position in the  Belgian market.

In December 2017, Mathieu Roobroeck, her son, decided to join the business. Together they are working on the future of the business, in a more rapidly changing market, building on the 30-year old foundations that still form the basis. Over the years, not only has the size of Tresoro expanded, but also its product range. The focus remains on pearls, but customers can now also turn to Tresoro for the finest jewellery and semi-precious stones.

More than ever Linda and Mathieu realize that they can and must do more than merely bring their new product on the market. The daily activity of correctly informing and teaching customers about the market, jewelry, pearls and its maintenance becomes a central point in the organizational philosophy. Going forward, Tresoro will guarantee to offer innovative quality and make sure that everyone can choose a fitting piece of jewelry in an informed and comfortable way.

Linda Meert


tel: +32 (0)52 22 26 06

Mathieu Roobroeck


tel: +32 (0)52 22 26 06

Wendy Roemen

Verkoopsmedewerker België en Nederland

tel: +31 (0)6 20 53 54 22

Ilse De Wolf

Customer Service

tel: 052 22 26 06

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