Does antibacterial hand gel affect our pearls?

07/01/2021 14:06 - Tips

As a result of the corona measures, people have started to disinfect their hands significantly more. So we think more about what we do or do not want to touch with our hands, but not so much about what the antibacterial products on our hands have as an effect on the objects we touch. In an earlier blog post of ours "How to take care of my pearls" we already saw that pearls can be affected and so there are some "do's and dont's" to take care of pearl jewellery.

But what about the antibacterial soaps and gels we use? Could these harm our pearl jewellery?

Most products have a label on which we find quite a bit of information about their composition, but this is not always clear to everyone. For this reason we spoke to a licensed pharmacist and asked her about the composition of the commercial gels and soaps that are used. According to her, these products contain little or no fats or acids, but are mainly based on alcohol. 
We already knew from our previous article that acids and fats affect the mother of pearl layer and we therefore want to avoid them, but what about alcohol?

According to Mikimoto, father of the cultivated pearl, alcohol is an excellent product for cleaning pearls. After all, alcohol can clean up fats and acids and does not in itself constitute a chemical threat to the pearl layer or the conchioline layer beneath it. This does not mean that from now on we should wash our pearls daily in hand gel or alcohol, certainly not! However, we can rest assured that we will be able to wear our pearl jewellery while regularly washing our hands and handling corona safely.


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